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As Philip and Daphne look back over the past 40 years of ministry with joy, they see what a winding road the journey has been with lots of twists and turns and highs and lows along the way but always knowing that God still had much more in store for them on the road ahead.

Called to the Ministry in 1980 they planted two churches in West London spanning 37 years and led more than 70 mission trips overseas and releasing many into full time ministry. Following the outpouring of the blessing in Toronto in 1994 God led them to minister to the most vulnerable creating a Church for the homeless and those bound by addiction. Involved in a number of Bible Schools, Philip has developed a teaching ministry that is practical and well balanced.


Since moving to Hastings in 2017 it has been put on their hearts to build on a lifetime of ministry by creating a living legacy of Bible teachers through Arise Ministry. They believe the Church needs more passionate teachers to feed the ‘milk’ and the ‘solid food’ of God’s Word to equip the Church. 

We look forward to connecting with you to help Inspire and equip you to understand the Word and develop you to become a passionate communicator of it. We are ready are you?


Philip & Daphne Edwards 

Philip Edwards


Luke Edwards

Communications Manager